Alchemy declares support for Solana Web3 apps

Just one day after the Solana network temporarily stopped on June 1, in an announcement published by Alchemy, the Web3 development platform, and infrastructure provider declared its support for the controversial blockchain.

Resulted due to a bug that made it impossible to reach network consensus, the Solana blockchain stopped for around four hours on Wednesday. This is not the first time the system has been imperiled, as normal functionality has been stopped five times already this year.

That didn’t appear to be a concern for Alchemy, which offers developers the ability to use its infrastructure and software in Solana-built apps. Now reportedly valued at $10.2 billion, the firm is the creator of a Web3 API termed Alchemy Supernode and a development suite used for debugging and monitoring called Alchemy Build.

This software has proved itself useful in the past when monitoring and scaling, with some of the firm’s biggest partners including projects such as nonfungible token marketplace OpenSea and liquidity protocol Aave (AAVE).

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