A global WEB3 E-Commerce SaaS platform – NFTCALLY declared the launch of “COMEARTH,” the go-to destination for commerce in the Metaverse.

COMEARTH, a 3D immersive virtual setting, will be powered by NFTICALLY’s “Web3 E-Commerce Engine” and endorsed by the confidence and decentralization of the Polygon Blockchain. 

In COMEARTH, trademarks, companies, content creators, and celebrities will be able to purchase their virtual spaces/real estate as COMEARTH’s “Citizens” and launch the E-Commerce experiences for their customers, clients & followers.

Why does Metaverse want to penetrate the E-Commerce industry? 

The Metaverse has the potential to be a$13 Trillion ecosystems within a decade. In addition, the E-Commerce industry is also anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 22.9% between 2020-2027 to size over $16.2 Trillion. 

Exploring the intersection of two burgeoning markets, Sandeep Naiwal, Polygon co-founders, and Jaynti Kanani, Coinbase CPO Surojit Chatterjee, Unacademy Co-Founders Roman Saini, and Gaurav Munjal, Indian film-maker Subhash Ghai, Actor Kunal Kapoor, Capital X’s Cindy Bi, Nazara’s Nitish Mittersain have invested in NFTICALLY. 

Global brands Polygon, CEAT, Blockchain Council, and SporteNFT, among others, have come on board COMEARTH. 

COMEARTH comprises different sizes of land parcels that can be purchased as NFTs and are governed by the smart contracts deployed on top of Polygon Blockchain. 

It will act as a global marketplace for goods (digital, physical, and phygital) & services (within and outside of the Metaverse). 

COMEARTH will bring a fully-immersive DIY layer to E-Commerce and enable immersive hyper-personalization for everyone. 

We intend t democratize and facilitate mass WEB3 adoption & bridge the gap between web3 & web2 E-Commerce,” Toshendra Sharma, Founder, and CEO, of NFTICALLY. 

NFTICALLY: An Overview

NFTICALLY is a Web3 E-Commerce SaaS Platform that helps enterprises enable NFTs in their business through a white-label no-code storefront along with APIs, Infrastructure, and Tools.