Cryptosat’s first Nano-satellite leaves for Space on SpaceX rocket

If all goes well today, the SpaceX rocket will inject a “crypto-satellite” into low Earth orbit, paving the way for secured blockchain-related cryptography in space. 

Cryptosat is the company that developed “Crypto1”, a crypto-satellite module hitching a ride abroad a Falcon 9 rocket for SpaceX’s Transporter 5 mission. Moreover, blockchain satellite technology has already been trialed on the International Space Station. The co-founder of Cryptosat, Yonatan Winetraub, said:

“We’re trying to rise as the Uber of spaceflight. Everybody visits the same orbit, and we’re one of the passengers.”

The small satellite, not larger than a coffee mug, is made from off-the-shelf parts and can be a tamper-proof platform to secure blockchains and other Web3 protocols. 

Michalevsky said, The most exciting applications for the module are setting up zero-knowledge proof protocols that he says are being utilized more frequently for uses like voting in a decentralized liberated organization (DAO) to make conclusions without exposing individuals’ votes.” 

Other module applications possess the possible deployment of an entire blockchain; having the ledger out of reach from attackers could mean crypto-mining could become an antique of the past as it would theoretically no longer need decentralizing through numerous validators.

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