The meme cryptocurrency that Elon Musk can’t stop talking about has earned a huge fan following; credit goes to billionaire and Tesla Inc.’s CEO. In order to honor Musk on his 50th birthday, a YouTuber decided to send a physical replica of the Dogecoin crypto to space or at least till the stratosphere.

Reid Williamson, a YouTuber took up the mantle to take the crypto to space. Several crypto fans wished Musk to send Dogecoin to space and the moon in one of SpaceX’s rockets. However, it appears the 23-yr old YouTuber sent the crypto to new highs.

Along with his team, Williamson chose a helium balloon to take the physical replica of the dogecoin to space. After trying for a while, the team managed to push the balloon to a height enough to see the curvature of the Earth.

The whole instrument comprised of the payload, balloon and parachute. The helium balloon was used to lift the payload to space. It included a GPS, the GoPro camera and the meme crypto stuck to a platform. The parachute was used to return the payload safely.

The team of dogecoin lovers tracked the balloon using GPS to retrieve the payload and the coin. Tesla’s CEO is yet to reply to the feat attained by the young YouTuber.

On Thursday, Dogecoin dropped around 1.45%. The recent dive of the meme crypto has been a concern for crypto investors.