Enjoy crypto-theme based ‘Digital Thali’ at this Delhi restaurant; pay in crypto

Post initial delay, many small businesses like cafes and restaurants, which experienced adverse effects of the pandemic-induced lockdown, are now welcoming the idea of crypto to counterbalance the losses over the past 2 years. A restaurant in Connaught Place in Delhi has planned to receive payments in cryptos including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and others.

The Ardor 2.1 restaurant has added a special item named ‘Digital Thaali’ to its menu to entice customers. The eatery is famous for naming its thalis after captivating phrases and names like United India Thaali, Baahubali Thaali and 56 Inch Thaali.

Available for both non-vegetarians and vegetarians, the Digital Thaali includes dishes that get their names from cryptos. For example, it comprises of Bunny Burger with Chilli Fries, Polygon Pita and Falafel, Ethereum Butter Chicken with Kulcha, Solana Chana Bhatura, Bitcoin Tikka and Doge Fried Rice.

A payment solution platform, Bunny is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Polygon is a framework and a protocol for connecting and creating Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

The owner of the restaurant said that they have planned to encourage those who pay in crypto by offering a discount of 20%.

He added that they have decided to offer some digital experience to their guests with an entirely digital menu. They were looking for doing something in crypto after one of his friends told him about it. Even though the fate of crypto is uncertain, they decided to go ahead and give it a try. They also wanted to witness the response.

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