GameStop’s latest job post signals at Blockchain-powered plans beyond NFT Marketplace

The famous video games retailer and trade-in outlet, GameStop is serious about its entry into the crypto-world and has posted 8 job listings in the previous week which indicate at a major blockchain and NFT (non-fungible token) expansions. The vision of GameStop for its future was also hinted in one of the listings where the firm notes, ‘games are places you’ll go’ and ‘blockchains will power the commerce below’.

The job posted states ‘Web3gaming’ for which it looks after 2 head product owners. 2 different listings reference its NFT marketplace, for which the firm wants 3 directors of product marketing and 3 senior software engineers.

The job post clearly seeks cryptocurrency-forward prospects to apply, indicating at the firm’s expansion plants into the space. While the ‘Web3 gaming’ listing indicates GameStop’s interest in creating a metaverse just like the one that Mark Zuckerberg spoke about, the other 2 listings concentrate on its NFT marketplace expansion.

The development also comes at a time when the gaming industry is quite uncertain of how to integrate its already existing products with NFTs and cryptocurrency payments. While it may seem a probable pairing – virtual worlds and gaming with virtual currency – big gaming platforms aren’t all on board.

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