Global ICT services integrator, Getronics has launched a European Blockchain platform, AQQUM, a Blockchain-as-a-Service solution.

AQQUM by Getronics aims to provide clients with a framework for execution, deployment and management of fully secured blockchain business applications. It will be done to facilitate and improve the complete automation of their business process.

The blockchain is European, multi-sectorial, general-purpose and fully auditable. The infrastructure is hosted in Getronics’ data centers within the EU and obeys the European regulatory, security and legal frameworks. Major advantages include performance, scalability, service levels, auditability, transparency, data reliability, security, predictable and lower costs, unlike public blockchains like Ethereum.

AQQUM responds to the increasing demand for digital trust with digital identity, notarized digital evidence and verifiable credentials solutions to reach the benefits of intelligent automation.

With AQQUM’s framework, companies belonging to any industry can accept blockchain technology to rethink traceability and source, identity, dispute and contract resolution, payment function and customer engagement. This will cut out intermediaries and hence improve transparency, trust and efficiencies across and within organizations. Getronics has over 3,700 colleagues across the Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America.