Hacker group Anonymous warning to Elon Musk

Tesla Boss and Space X CEO, Elon Musk is popular for creating ripples in the global cryptocurrency market with his one tweet. His single tweet sets the price of a coin plunging or soaring high. Currently, the US billionaire posted an image of bitcoin with broken heart emoji, causing its decline. The top-ranked crypto saw a downfall of nearly 7% after Musk’s tweet.

Not only this, but Elon Musk also tweeted a ‘childhood’ image of his workstation with Shiba Inu dog featuring in it last week. Eventually, the meme coin price saw a hike of about 30% in 2 days trading session.

However, the tweet with a broken-heart emoji didn’t go well with another international hacktivist, namely Anonymous. As a result, Tesla’s CEO received a warning to bear the consequences if he continues to maneuver the prices of crypto.

This hacker group posted a video tweet alleging that the current posts by Tesla CEO clearly represent a disregard for the average working person. It also stated that his ‘games with the crypto market’ have adversely affected the lives of several retail investors. The video by the Anonymous group further stated that they were depending on their crypto profits to improve their lives.

The group also warned that people are starting to see him as nothing more than another narcissistic dude who is seeking attention desperately. The video further stated that he might think that he is the smartest person in the room but now he has met his match. They are Anonymous! They are Legion! Expect them.

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