MasterCard has launched a new Start Path global startup engagement program committed to assisting rapidly developing blockchain, digital assets and cryptocurrency firms.

The declaration came as a continuation of digital assets work. 7 startups have already become a member of the program. They, along with MasterCard, look to accelerate and expand innovation around digital asset technology and make it accessible and secure for institutions and people to spend, buy and hold digital assets and cryptos.

Executive Vice President of New Digital Infrastructure and Fintech, Jess Turner said that since 2015, MasterCard has been involved with the digital currency system. As a leading technology player, they expect that they can assume an important role in digital assets, aiding to mold the industry and offer consumer security and protection. Part of our role is to mold the future of crypto and they are doing that by linking digital assets innovations with mainstream financial principles.

The members of the Start Path program are GK8 (Israel), Mintable (Singapore), Domain Money (USA), Taurus (Switzerland), Uphold (USA), STACS (Singapore) and SupraOracles (Switzerland).

Owners of the blockchain and digital asset firms joining the new Start Path program intend to address a host of issues including digital security, data accuracy, asset tokenization and seamless access between digital and traditional economy. Each startup is concerned with solving a unique challenge and throughout the program will support the expertise of MasterCard to aid the continued development and growth of their solutions.