Neal Stephenson, the ‘father’ of the Metaverse, is launching a metaverse-based blockchain project

The author who gave the term ‘Metaverse’ about three decades ago, Neal Stephenson is launching a metaverse-focused blockchain project called LAMINA1. He has also revised his vision for the Metaverse, quoting that the experience is probably to be focused more on flat 2D screens instead of augmented reality or virtual reality techs like lenses and headsets, as in the model suggested by Microsoft and Meta.

As per an announcement made on Wednesday, Stephenson along with former Bitcoin Foundation chairman and OG crypto investor Peter Vessenes have co-founded a new layer-1 blockchain called LAMINA1 that they anticipate will serve as the ‘base layer for the Open Metaverse.’

Particular details on the project are scanty at this stage. However, Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum highlights a prominent name on the project’s list of early investors.

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