Twitter creators to get paid in crypto

Twitter is about to pay its creators in crypto. The American social networking and microblogging service company has collaborated with a financial infrastructure platform Stripe and marketplaces, to launch a pilot payout for creators.

Stripe, in a statement, said that now it can instantly pay funds to its freelancers, sellers, content creators, and service providers via crypto. Stripe highlighted that Twitter will utilize this feature to pay out earnings from Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces. In the beginning stage, this alternative will be offered to a small group of Twitter’s US creators.

Product lead for creators at Twitter Esther Crawford said that they are focused on aiding creators who are driving those conversations to earn cash and connect with their audiences in a new manner. They’re excited to start providing cryptocurrency payouts to creators through Stripe so they have more alternatives to how they get paid.

The chief product officer at Stripe said that with cryptocurrency payouts, platforms utilizing Stripe can send cash to verified recipients nearly worldwide within no time. In the beginning, Stripe will encourage payouts in USDC to wallets compatible with the Polygon network. Later this year, Stripe will introduce support for extra blockchain networks and cryptos. Platforms and their end users can easily manage and monitor payouts – including cryptocurrency – in the Stripe Dashboard.

Author: Diksha Khiatani

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