Presearch launches its search engine on the blockchain officially

In late 2020, Presearch launched its ‘testnet’. Tomorrow, Presearch shifts to ‘mainnet’ with 3.8 million registered users. The project features a search portal,, in addition to mobile applications for Google Play and iPhone, where your searches are private and you earn PRE cryptocurrency for making them. Snap Inc has just cautioned that Q2 earnings…


Blockchain requires ‘MP3’ Music Moment to triumph over markets, say experts

According to industry experts, blockchain requires its own music industry ‘MP3’ moment as fragmented regulation and technology hinder the development of a digital securities industry that could aid realize its full potential. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) or blockchain support cryptoassets such as bitcoin and enables several parties to access a single version of data simultaneously….

New York Stock Exchange steps into the crypto market, NFTs

The New York Stock Exchange is stepping into the NFTs market with schemes to do for digital assets what it does for stocks. In a regulatory filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the NYSE said that it intends to be a financial exchange for cryptos and NFTs that would compete with the likes…