Presearch launches its search engine on the blockchain officially

In late 2020, Presearch launched its ‘testnet’. Tomorrow, Presearch shifts to ‘mainnet’ with 3.8 million registered users. The project features a search portal,, in addition to mobile applications for Google Play and iPhone, where your searches are private and you earn PRE cryptocurrency for making them.

Snap Inc has just cautioned that Q2 earnings and revenues from its Snapchat application aren’t ringing up as it previously projected – and it is being regarded as a ‘canary in the coalmine’ for the entire group of stocks. Google for its part is anticipated to witness a 15% revenue hike in Q2, with earnings nearly flat.

But Google has its issues, in the form of the United States Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Competition Policy, Antitrust, and Consumer Rights. Thus, Pape along with two other co-founders got the opportunity to create an alternative search engine – on Ethereum (ETH-USD) – that they are calling Presearch (PRE-USD).

Presearch works as a community – not a traditional firm. Anyone can come and create a new tool to aid Presearch display the kind of results they want to see. Presearch works through native crypto all along. And since its developers, users, network operators, and business partners are all PRE tokenholders – their interests are all aligned.

Author: Diksha Khiatani

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