Visa working at blockchain interoperability hub for cryptocurrency payments

Visa, the worldwide payments giant has launched a project that targets to be a ‘universal adapter’ of blockchain that can link various cryptos, central bank digital currencies (CBDC) as well as stablecoin. On Thursday, an official announcement made it clear that the research team of Visa is working on a ‘Universal Payment Channel’ (UPC) initiative,…

Visa and PayPal invested in $300m Blockchain Capital fund

On June 22, Visa and PayPal led a $300 million fundraising in Blockchain Capital, a crypto venture capital (VC) firm. Additionally, a few other investors and the 2 payments giants will participate in the firm’s strategic partnership program. The organization’s 5th funding round, called ‘Fund V’, was oversubscribed at its $300 million hard limits. According…

Visa to directly accept payments in crypto with USD Coin

Visa has announced that it will start accepting payments in the crypto USD coin directly at end of the March. USD coin is a stablecoin linked to the U.S. dollar with 1 USD Coin pegged to $1. The company’s debit cards once required conversion to a conventional currency from digital currencies that Visa accepts….

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This Week in Crypto

Tweet Bitcoins! Bottlepay brings real-time bitcoin payments The firm said, “Users can tweet bitcoin and fiat currency to other users instantly”. The U.K based payments platform Bottlepay brings real-time bitcoin payments to Twitter. Bottlepay is aiming to disrupt the payments space by enabling real-time cross-broader transfers of both fiat money and cryptocurrencies. The beta version…