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Binance poised to make a comeback in India after settling a $2 million penalty

After settling a fine of approximately $2 million, Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally, which had been prohibited from operating in India, is now prepared to make a comeback.  Binance is set to be the second cryptocurrency exchange from overseas which marks a return to the country after KuCoin after India’s financial regulatory authority restricted…


Bitcoin faces price drop, while altcoins fall 10-15% in a rough day for risky assets.

The Bitcoin price experiences a significant sell-off as today’s downward movement results in the liquidation of numerous BTC and altcoin traders who were caught off guard. Although the decline began early on Friday, it intensified around noon ET, transforming small losses into double-digit declines for numerous cryptocurrencies  The price of Bitcoin saw a sudden downturn…

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Major cryptocurrencies hit with significant declines, contributing to downturn in the crypto market

The prices of Bitcoin continued dropping on March 15 after days of rallying and reaching and even reaching an all-time high. The cryptocurrency market experienced its most significant decline of the year, with a 7% drop in market capitalization. Bitcoin (BTC) plummeted by 8% over the past 24 hours, erasing weekly gains and initiating a…


Bitcoin ETFs – The Basics Explained

Unlocking the potential of cryptocurrency investments, Bitcoin ETFs have recently catapulted the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to new highs. First and foremost, what are ETFs? ETF stands for Exchange Traded Fund. Simply put, An ETF is like a stock that pools investments and can be easily bought and sold. ETFs are like mutual…