Hyderabad-based India Blockchain Forum Formed to Make India a Blockchain Powerhouse

Founded recently in August 2022 in Hyderabad, the India Blockchain Forum brings together over forty of India’s well-known experts in blockchain technologies to help make India a blockchain powerhouse, with a special focus on Web3.0.

The Forum was formally inaugurated in an official ceremony held on August 21 at the T-hub in the presence of Principal Secretary, Industry & Commerce and Information Technology, Government of Telangana.

IBF will be representing India the upcoming 2nd annual member summit of the Blockchain Associations Forum organized by the British Blockchain Association to be held on September 17.

Watch the inauguration ceremony:

The IBF has currently formed four special interest groups, which will be devoted to the following areas:

Policy think tank: This group will interface with government bodies, regulators and decision makers along with the community. It aims to help create a policy framework for blockchain and related areas that is dynamic and robust.

The SIG is led by Col Inderjeet Singh, CIO and Chief Cyber Officer at Vara Technologies; Sharat Chandra, Blockchain Evangelist; and Tanvi Ratna, Founder & CEO, Policy 4.0.

Startup Success: This group aims to support the start-up ecosystem in blockchain and related areas. Support will include investment, mentoring, talent recruitment and marketing and other support for overseas and Indian collaborations.

The members are: Pankaj Diwan, Founder, Idealabs FutureTech Ventures; Prasanna Lohar, Chief Innovation Officer, DCB Bank; and Srinivas Mahankali, author of several books on blockchain technologies.

Technology: This group will aim at exploring and aiding the growth of Indian blockchain technology.

The members are Gokul Alex, Chief Innovation Officer, Authentium.io; and Subbu Jois, Founder, Aurigraph.io.

Usecases and Best Practices: This group will issue out regular reports, articles, uses cases and best practices.

The members are: Srinivas Mahankali, and Murthy Chitlur, Consultant, New Street Technologies.

The IBF is working to create more groups to look into areas such as the central bank digital currency and the Metaverse. An early focus is the creation of a Web3 Sandbox.

The IBF can be followed on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/Ind_Block_Forum

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