California county to use blockchain wallet for citizen services

Small government services for citizens are slowly incorporating blockchain technologies to reduce paper work and increase efficiency. California’s Santa Cruz County has recently shared its decision to experiment with blockchain wallets to offer services such as user registrations for parking bikes and recreational vehicles, licensing of pets, and building permits given over the counter.

The County is collaborating with blockchain firm HUMBL Inc, which has granted an indefinite license to the County to use its technology. The services will be rolled out as part of the Digital Wallet Pilot Project. HUMBL will develop the digital wallet. The cost of the project was not disclosed, but HUMBL will bear the hosting related infrastructure cost.

In India, the finance minister recently shared that the adoption of blockchain technologies at various levels could reach 46% in the next three years. Apart from various use cases of blockchain in governance in India, learning and education sectors too are incorporating the technology. Recently, the NITI Ayog has launched a Learning Module for blockchain technologies as part of the AIM project, which reaches out to over 10,000 schools.

The Santa Cruz County project has been questioned on privacy related aspects of the digital wallet, especially as concerns the collaboration with HUMBL. The firm however has said it would only know the app download count. Apple users will have the option to choose what information they wish to share.

The use of blockchain wallets opens up the possibility of using CBDCs and other digital currencies. Currently, this is a hotly debated issue in India and elsewhere with regulations, as well as norms for KYC, AML laws and privacy issues under focus. Also of prime concern in India is the prevalence of digital scams and frauds when it comes to using payment apps and similar online technologies.

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