Polygon establishes ‘Avail’, a custom blockchain scaling system

Polygon has installed Avail, a scaling system curated for developers to launch their blockchain apps atop other blockchains and the main Polygon chain.’

How will Avail help the developers?

Anurag Arjun, the lead developer of Avail said that the latest product will enable developers to access blockchain data ‘off-chain,’ implying they wouldn’t require to always check data from the network for an app deployed on Polygon.

What are the features of Avail?

Apps created on Avail will offer developers the ability to fork, update and change how their blockchains manage execution.

Arjun added that this is important for decentralized finance and game developers that may require fixing bugs, experimenting with execution, or only reducing their dependencies on external chains.

What does Avail intend to do?

He also said that the product aims to solve ‘data availability’ issues confronted by scaling apps. This is a challenging problem confronted by blockchain developers. There is no way to detect suspicious transactions hidden within that block in case a block producer does not release all of the data of that block.

How does Avail work?

Avail works on advanced mathematical techniques to analyze blockchain data offered by node operators to check data authenticity, without requiring depending on all node operators to verify the data.

How can availability be determined?

Arjun said that availability can be determined by just downloading a very small random sample of the entire data, effectively solving the data availability concern.

Shed some more light on Avail

Scaling products like Avail concentrate on only part of the app requests at a time to speed up transactions. Also, Avail can be installed on any (EVM) Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible blockchain.

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