How NFT Affect The Entire Indian Gaming Industry

The introduction of Web 3 will significantly impact how we utilize the internet. Gaming is one such arena that will be impacted by Web3.

The Web3 objective is to make the internet a place to transfer digital assets in P2P environments and thus building new possibilities for both creators and users in the gaming industry

Web3, NFT, and Gaming

Web3 is reshaping the gaming environment, fetching new and creative methods to play that comprise blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

It democratizes many diverse aspects of gaming and gives gamers a characteristic of success in the domain. Moreover, it is critically severe in which players can earn by investing in and dealing in digital assets. 

As creators profit by completing valuable digital assets and monetizing them through the transfer of ownership, the age-old gaming traditions are being swept away. 

It is a paradigm that provides players so much power, and rather than concentrating that power in one game, it can be carried to multiple games around the ecosystem. 

NFTs are the new player of Web3 gaming, and their fame has soared in recent months. It is because they present something that previous gaming models did not: the capacity to own digitally any unique in-game items or objects. 

With these new Web3 prospects, gamers will find an ecosystem tailored to them rather than just big tech. In addition, thanks to the ecosystem’s promise of digital asset ownership and interoperability, there is a slew of new methods to make money and win.

There is no information tracking or selling to third parties in Web3 games, and all data is kept private and anonymous. Furthermore, as blockchains eliminate double-spending, there are no deceived payments, as there are in classic credit and debit payment systems.  

In this way, the transactions in the gaming platforms are completed. Web3 games have low development fees, and end-users are given tokens or NFTs to enable them to develop their holdings and favors on the game’s future governance. 

What do the statistics mean? 

When researchers put the results into context, the statistics are startling. In 2021, gaming accounted for 49% of all blockchain usage. More than 1.4 Mn active wallets were connected to blockchain-based games yearly, making it the most popular category. 

Similarly, Web3 games attracted 1.22 Mn unique active wallets, as per 53% of blockchain activity in the first six months of 2022. It is also worth noting that the player base of blockchain-based games is constantly growing. 

A DappRadar and Blockchain Game Alliance report from Q1 2022 portrays that the blockchain-based gaming industry has developed by 2000% in the last year. 

Surprisingly, $2.5 Bn in investments in the blockchain gaming space were completed in the first quarter of 2022, reaching a total of $4 Bn raided for the sector in 2021. This shows the scale of investment that Web3 games are targetting for and how NFTs are assisting the transition from what will seem a thing of a bygone era. 

Impact Of NFTs On The Growth Of Web3 Games

NFTs are increasing the growth of Web3 games in unprecedented ways. However, most of its suggested benefits have yet to be realized, and it also requires understanding how to put it into practice. 

As the world gradually moves towards Web3, the development of web games is assisting the transition. 

While Web3 is still in its early stages, more and more Web3 decentralized applications (Dapps) and games are being created daily and are getting immense fame among its users. 

The ability of blockchains and NFTs to allow actual ownership and interoperability in gaming opens up several possibilities for Web3 metaverse participants. 

There is still much work to be done to figure out how Web3-based games will create a revolution. 

To address this, industry players must collaborate to create a world in which players may invest in digital assets at reasonable prices and build them through their active engagement in games. 

In the coming future, new blockchain-based games will feature blockchain’s powerful support to ensure security and transparency, along with more fluid participation of NFTs. 


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