Cardano Vasil hard fork upgrade confirmed for September 22

Announced in a tweet on Friday, blockchain Cardano’s Vasil hard fork upgrade is now scheduled to happen on its main network (main net) on Sept. 22, the blockchain’s development lab Input Output (IOG).

What is the new Cardano update

Vasil is a significant update designed to raise Cardano’s scaling capabilities and lower transaction costs and had initially been scheduled for a June release in a test network. A hard fork is a backward-incompatible transformation to the software used to produce and validate new blocks.

Why there was a delay?

However, the rollout faced many delays. But IOG in its tweets said on Friday that the upgrade had met its condition of the ‘extensive testing and successful completion of all main components, also confirmed community readiness.’

What does IOG have to say about this?

IOG said that the upgrade of the network readiness can be monitored on the web page.

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