Digital Pratik’s ‘JorrDaar’ event was the first such in India with NFT Tickets

Many NFT collectors of India came together near the Ahmedabad Airport to attend a special event, the first of its kind, at the party hall at Club 07. Web3 evangelists and entrepreneurs discussed digital transformation from art to assets to almost everything at the JorrDaar NFT event. But what made it more interesting was that it was the country’s first NFT event, and the tickets had to be purchased as an NFT.

Who’s the organizer of the event?

The event was organized by Pratikksinh Chudasma who is also popular as Digital Pratik and is famous for his digital marketing skills. JorrParivar claims to be the first community-driven NFT project in India comprising 1254 NFTs around 22 IPs with the main focus on the practical aspects of marketing, branding, and motivation.

How to use these NFT tickets?

These NFT tickets were redeemed in the event’s dedicated Web3 platform, which generated a QR code through the blockchain. JorrParivar’s portal then scans this into the event before allowing attendees. It is to be noted that event tickets are not sold in any fiat currency or Indian rupees.

Shed more light on JorrParivar NFT token

Every JorrParivar NFT token has a particular meaning and description and offers metadata with on-chain media storage. Interestingly, the grounds of Digital Pratik’s approach is to allow access and serve his community he calls ‘Parivar’ via exclusive workshops, training, question-and-answer sessions, monthly zoom calls, dinner meetings, etc.

What are these NFTs all about?

Talking about the NTFs, these are mobile animals such as dogs, Cheetah, Rabbit, etc. These NFTs for animated animals have 3 levels: Silver, Bronze, and Gold. Any Silver member got an exclusive 2-day hotel stay in a lounge including access to the event. Bronze members, people who only bought 1 member from NFT, were allowed to access the event. Gold members became part of different activities such as GoKarting etc. Various levels of activities and access via smart contract related to each investment thus offering them an ‘advantage’ via metadata.


Here’s the official link for the event –      

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