Top 7 NFT Statistics Everyone Must Know

In 2021, we saw a massive increase in NFTs’ price, attracting the interest of thousands of investors to these unique digital assets. In addition to collectors and traders, many buyers are speculators, who hope to buy these assets early and sell them for a profit in the future.

This article will tell you some trending statistics about NFTs.

1. The first NFT was developed in 2014

Statistics reveal that the first NFT was developed in 2014, about five years after Bitcoin was built. 

The first NFT was created by Kevin McCoy in  May of 2014, which was later traded for a huge $1.4 million in November 2021 at a Sotheby auction.

2. At the beginning of 2021, NFT sales volume skyrocketed to around $2.5 billion

2021 was a booming year for NFTs, as the NFT market reached new highs at the starting of the year. The overall NFT transactions in the first half of 2021 were measured at $2.5 billion, a massive jump from the $13.7 million recorded during the first half of 2020. 

3. In 2021, around $41 billion worth of crypto was spent on the NFT marketplaces

A report displayed that in 2021, the NFT marketplace grew to almost $41 billion. This is near around the amount realized from conventional art and antique sales in 2020, which is worth nearly $50 billion. The increasing popularity of NFTs can explain the high volumes in sales.

4. The Nyan Cat GIF Traded for $590,000

The infamous Nyan Cat GIF was sold for more than $590,000. Starting in 2011, the cotton candy cat is considered among the highest-selling kitty NFT to date.

5. Above 50% of all NFT sales were below $200

NFTs are trusted to be big money generating virtual assets; however, not all NFTs are sold for millions. Statistics show that over 50% of the recorded NFT sales were below the $200 mark. Furthermore, most primary sales went for about $100 or less. 

6. Over 75% of E-sports fans are interested in NFTs

A survey executed with 2,200 respondents interested in collecting NFTs was conducted in March 2021. The survey checked if these respondents collected NFTs either as an investment or a hobby. 

The results revealed that about 75% of e-sports fans showed interest in collecting relevant NFTs. About 20% of the respondents were highly interested while 35% were somewhat interested.

23% of millennials were very likely to invest in NFTs, while 2% of baby boomers expressed interest in collecting NFTs. 

7. Indians are getting interested in NFTs 

NFT marketplace GuardianLink, which established cricket-based digital assets last week, saw traction for the collectibles from the Indian market. A GuardianLink brand, went live with Meta Cricket League (MCL) NFTs on April 22. Surprisingly, the platform sold 55,000 collectibles within nine minutes of the launch. 

The platform saw 70 percent of sales come from India while the remaining are from the other parts of the world. The NFTs were priced at USD25 each. The first NFT, which prompts GuardianLink’s foray into the AI-Powered Metaverse game, witnessed traffic of over a million NFT enthusiasts during the live drop.

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