Bitcoin Becomes Legal Tender In Central African Republic

After El Salvador, Lugano, and Honduras Prospera, the Central African Republic, a significant economic zone in the Latin American country, has also passed a law to accept Bitcoin as legal tender. The National Assembly unanimously released the bill which would make cryptocurrency legal tender in the country.

Calixte Nganongo, minister of finance and budget, and Gourna Zacko, minister of the digital economy, postal services, and telecommunications, started and presented the legislation establishing the legal framework for cryptocurrency regulation in the Central Africa Republic, along with Bitcoin as an official currency. 

The National Assembly unanimously advocated the law to assist the country’s economic recovery and peacebuilding efforts. As a result, El Salvador accepted Bitcoin as legal tender last September. 

Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, has always been bullish about the prospects of cryptocurrencies and actively speaks about them. But unfortunately, the US Government doesn’t stand for freedom, which is proven. 

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