CryptoWire introduces first cryptocurrency index of India, IC15

Super app CyrptoWire has introduced IC15, the first crypto index of India. On Monday, the firm said that IC15 will track the liquidity and market capitalization of the top 15 global digital currencies. It added that the IC15 is a rule-based broad market index by market capitalization that computes the performance of 15 extensively traded cryptos listed on exchanges worldwide.

Cryptocurrency assets like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Cardano, Solana, Terra, Ripple, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin will be analyzed by the platform. The index governance committee of CryptoWire, including industry practitioners, domain experts and academicians, will monitor, maintain and administer the index and rebalance it every three months.

Jigish Sonagara, CEO and MD of CryptoWire said that with the launch of the first index crypto of India, IC15, they intend to complete the knowledge circle for the blockchain ecosystem and crypto. This won’t only push the ‘learn before earn’ initiative but also serve the industry with a strong intervention.

The base date is 1 April 2018 and the base value of the index is set at 10,000. The open value of the IC15 index stood at 71,463.30 points as of 1 January.

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