Kenyan energy firm KenGen has asked Bitcoin (BTC) miners to move nearby and purchase its excess renewable power capacity. The company claims 86% of its energy is produced from renewable sources, mostly geothermal from pockets of ground source heat in the Great Rift Valley.

According to reports, KenGen has space at its new industrial park in Olkaria, in close proximity to its flagship geothermal power station, which could be rented to BTC miners for bitcoin green mining. Despite the excitement to call miners to Kenya, there haven’t yet been any reports of miners willing to relocate to Kenya.

CBECI (Cambridge’s Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index) signals that the eastern African country presently has no recognized Bitcoin mining operations, but it seems to be perfect for miners because of the area’s estimated potential 10,000 MegaWatt (MW) of geothermal energy capacity.

The company is presently operating at a maximum generating capacity of 863 MW post installing another geothermal power plant in April. By calling miners to the nation, KenGen may be able to achieve any targets at once. It can raise miners’ environmental sustainability, which has come under great scrutiny globally. Mining consumes 119.5 Terrawatt hours (TWh) per year, more than the whole nation of the Netherlands. Just 31 nations consume more energy.