Samsung follows Apple, rolls out digital wallet app to streamline keys, cards, and ids

Imitating the footsteps of the Apple Wallet application, Samsung has also launched its very own digital wallet for Galaxy users to conveniently manage and store their boarding passes, digital keys, ID cards, and more in an easy mobile application.

What is the Galaxy app?

With Galaxy, Samsung aims to offer a secure and easy platform to its mobile users within the Galaxy ecosystem to conveniently access important digital keys, passes, and other documents straightaway on their devices.

What is the use of Samsung Wallet?

As per an official blog post recently shared by Samsung, the wallet is a new platform that allows Galaxy users to organize boarding passes, digital keys, identification cards, and more, in one secure and easy-to-use mobile app. The wallet is protected by Samsung Knox, the in-house defense-grade security system.

Extra features of Samsung Wallet

In addition to this, specific sensitive items in the Samsung Wallet are saved in an isolated Secure Element, safeguarding all those items from digital or physical hacking. It also supports the Samsung Blockchain Wallet to allow users to monitor their crypto investments.

What can we do with Samsung Wallet?

The latest Samsung Wallet allows users to easily access and store their loyalty, payment cards, membership cards, and more with a simple and swipe-based interface. The platform encourages Samsung Pass, meaning users can also save their passwords to quickly log in to websites and apps through the Samsung Wallet application.

Can Samsung wallet store driver license, or student IDs?

Apart from all these, users can also analyze their digital asset portfolio and check the value of their crypto across various exchanges. Samsung also says that its wallet will begin fostering official IDs such as student IDs and driver’s licenses later this year.    

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