Everybody is almost aware that NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. Consider cricket as an example. There’s nothing that comes close to watching a live cricket match. Add to it, if your favorite player happens to score a hundred, it is more likely that you will be eager to capture that moment either by a photo or a video. Now just like you, there are many in the stadium capturing the same incident. But they will be individually unique, and that would make them distinct entities on the blockchain, the value of which would be worth more than the other just by virtue of the order in which it was to be produced.

As per a report, Zebi, India’s first blockchain company is learned to be working closely with Smart Cricket Global Ltd in trying to build a similar cricket ecosystem in India.

Founder of Zebi, Pruthvi Rao told that the opportunity is not just for collectibles. It’s just today that collectibles have become mainstream and a buzz. Interestingly, what the internet was expected to do 25 years ago, blockchain is doing to the world today. He further added that everything that the internet holds today will eventually move to blockchain-based ecosystems.

This paves way for all digital collectibles lovers to not just collect but trade it anytime they wish to.