Maharashtra govt. has partnered with a blockchain startup to issue COVID-19 test certificates

In partnership with a startup Print2Block, the Disaster Management Department of the Maharashtra Government has adopted blockchain technology to issue COVID – 19 test certificates. These certificates are issued to those who test negative for the novel coronavirus.

Joji Varghese, co-founder of Print2Block said that they have been able to meet the demands of data security and scalability. Out of several people tested in Maharashtra daily, about 70-80% are tested negative.

Previously, many reports suggested that the state government was working with a public blockchain startup for the same. Later, the government clarified that they’ve deployed a private blockchain and not a public one.

Varghese further told that as healthcare data “is very sensitive in nature”, the firm has to modify their product and build a private blockchain for this matter. Now, it is the govt. who controls and owns the hardware, data and everything.

Private blockchain needs a public blockchain to validate and authenticate its integrity. The startup based in Chennai has joined hands with Polygon’s Matic Network, a Mumbai-based blockchain startup, a public blockchain and deployed a private blockchain for audit purpose.

Particularly, this is not the state govt.’s first stint with blockchain usage for administrative purpose. A report suggests that a winner of Maharashtra Startup Week in 2019, Print2Block, had built a solution for Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.

Varghese further told that his firm is also working on 3 projects, including those with the Disaster Management Department and the Maharashtra Electricity Board.

Apart from Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi have also collaborated with blockchain startups for administration solutions.

Author: Diksha Khiatani

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