Myraah could bring revolution in Web 3 space!?

Myraah, a Pune-based technology start-up, has raised $350,000 as pre-seed funding led by CEO and Co-founder of Xceedance, entrepreneur, and technology enthusiast Arun Balakrishnan, Gurgaon based angel investor. Mr. Arun is also one of the Venture Partners.

This fund will help Myraah build a Web 3 platform enabling anyone to create their Web 3 digital identity and manage digital assets like files, music, videos, pictures, NFTs, documents, domains, and websites.  

Description of the architecture of Web 3

Web 3 is a new internet architecture, being serverless, open, and built around users’ privacy and ownership. Myraah’s Web 3 platform will enable netizens to set up ownership of content they create on the internet and monetize them. 

Surprisingly, the company has already achieved a 70,000+ user base to experience the Web 3 platform. In addition, the company plans to onboard five hundred thousand users to subscribe to their Web 3 products and services within this year.

Coming to the investment in Myraah, Arun Balakrishnan seems interesting in start-ups working with transformational technology. Hence, he thought Myraah stands among the emerging technologies. 

With that said, Myraah also released its list of products and services – Web 3.0 Locker: will work as private storage to store your critical data or media or NFTs; Web 3.0 Thoughts: will work as a private space to put your ideas, thoughts, or secrets away from AI, bots, or even humans; Web 3.0 Website Builder: will work as a no-code website building tool that anyone can use without any IT skills. 

Lastly, Myraah is a technology company that utilizes the significance of Artificial intelligence to help SMEs, MSMEs, small businesses, and professionals create a virtual identity in English and several Indian languages. 

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