NFTStudio24 to be official media partner for Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit 2022

NFTStudio24 is chosen to be the media partner for Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit 2022 to be held on October 4-5 2022. Dubai is on its mission to emerge as the hub of the digital world and this conference will be an outlining moment for the whole blockchain sector.

What is NFTStudio24?

NFTStudio24 is a global media news platform committed to empowering the flourishing world of blockchain, decentralization, metaverse, cryptocurrency, and NFT by reporting on the current and most authentic press releases, news, and podcast interviews.

What is Blockchain Economy Summit?

Blockchain Economy Summit is a global conference organized in many nations every year to bring together the blockchain community in one place. NFT projects, Web3 brands, and blockchain startups come together worldwide to discuss their thoughts and empower each other by spreading positivity. This year, the Blockchain Economy Summit is being held in Dubai to gather East Asia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, and America in one place.

What will NFTStudio24 be doing at the event?

NFTStudio24 will be offering media coverage of the event to help everyone stay abreast of the highlights. As a media partner, Asif Hameed, CEO, expressed his anticipation for the event.

Who else will be participating in the event?

Several prominent firms like, NAGA, Satoshi Solutions, Uniqan Capital, SafePal, Kodo Assets, and Admantium Crypto Advisors will be partaking in the event as sponsors. Tickets to Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit 2022 are open currently.    

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