Top 5 Countries Most Optimistic About Bitcoin, and Solar Powered Mining

The 750,000th #bitcoin block has been mined. As per Buy Bitcoin Worldwide, each day, about 144 blocks get mined, the rewards of which are distributed to miners and mining pools. As of today, around 91% of bitcoins have been mined.

Total new bitcoins mined every day (as on August 21, 2022) – 900

Total bitcoins still left to be mined (as on August 21, 2022): 1,872,318

Which countries are most upbeat on the prospects of bitcoin? A research or survey comes from Jack Dorsey’s Block (formerly Square):

Top 5 countries that are most “optimistic” about bitcoin’s future:

Japan, which has allowed use of digital currencies like bitcoin, however, turned out to be least optimistic.

The making of green bitcoin

Just as Ethereum is about to move into the POS stage, saving 99% of mining energy, there are initiatives being made to increase the use of renewable energy for bitcoin mining.

As per reports, Tesla, Block and Blockstream are working on a proof of concept, 100% renewable energy based mining facility in Texas, US. The solar and storage capacity – 3.8 MW-hour from solar and 12MW-hour from Megapack (a large Li-ion battery), will come from Tesla.

The heat generated from bitcoin mining rigs is also being used creatively in many ways. The latest attempt to make bitcoin worthy of its hype comes from Mechanicville, N.Y., where an old and historic hydro-electric power plant lying dust has been resuscitated to mine bitcoin and earn some profits.

Another attempt to use waste for mining comes from Pennsylvania, where coal waste is being used to mine bitcoin.

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