Argentina forms National Blockchain Committee, to deploy Eth nodes

Argentina has created a national committee around blockchain. The committee will work towards creating public policies and solutions, and also network with blockchain agencies from the public sector. The Argentine government is also planning to set up Ethereum nodes to be run from data centers owned by the government.

Back in 2019, Argentina had created a secretariat of public innovation for making policies to promote open and innovative initiatives. The new blockchain committee will function under this secretariat.

In an official statement, the government recognized blockchain as “one of the greatest innovations in the field of information technologies”. It believes blockchain can be used to optimize public sector processes, bringing in transparency and traceability to citizen services.

The ETH nodes are likely to go operational in 2023. This was stated at the ETHLatam conference by a government secretary. The nodes will make Buenos Aires among the first where a government is running Ethereum nodes. The nodes will be run in a regulatory sandbox that was approved last year with an invitation for private companies contributions.

The capital city of Buenos Aires is looking at creating regulations for crypto. It already has a digital identity platform for citizens called TangoID, where users will own their data. TangoID may go live in 2023 on the Starknet. The city also plans to allow payment of taxes in crypto, although these payments are meant to be converted to pesos.


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