Christie’s to conduct auction of oldest NFT Art with live bids in Ethereum

Christie’s, the British auction house is going to organize an auction for some of the oldest Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) ever. It will be taking live bids in Ether (ETH) crypto tokens, which the firm said is a first for any noteworthy auction house.

Christie’s will be auctioning NFTs from the Art Blocks selected collection besides these CurioCards NFTs. The auction bears the title of “Post-War to Present”. Present-day artists would be offered to handpick their cherished post-war artworks from over 200 varieties and pay for them in Ethereum in the auction.

According to news, ‘Art Blocks Curated’ – a collection of 31 post-war projects assembled by Barcella, a Canadian collector will be indicating the beginning of the auction on 1st October.

Additionally, CurioCards, an online platform for digital collectors and artists will also be putting some of the oldest artworks created on the Ethereum blockchain for auction.

The collection incorporates a full set of 30 cards along with 17b – which is a set of 31 NFTs. Showcasing real-world objects like music, art, in-game videos and items, NFTs are highly valued digital assets which utilize the blockchain to enter the ownership status of the items mentioned earlier. Although anyone can see the collection, only the buyer of an NFT owns the official status of being its owner.

A short video tweeted by CurioCards represented the cards it is putting up for the first auction in the world in the Ethereum crypto.

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