Salman Khan introduces the first social token of India – GARI

With Bitcoin prices surging like never before, crypto mania appears to be sweeping the whole country. The Bollywood industry has also become a part of the same to introduce NFTs (non-fungible tokens) or advertise crypto platforms.

The current newcomer in the block is Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. The megastar has currently launched GARI – India’s first-ever social token introduced by micro-content, short video platform, Chingari. Salman made it official on social media platform Twitter by tweeting that he is officially unveiling Chingari’s in-app GARI Tokens reward programme and its NFT Marketplace. You can purchase his Video NFTs, exclusively on the GARI NFT Marketplace. Cheers to a new chapter in Content Creation and Monetization!!! #ChingariKiGari #GariTokens.

The short-video app Chingari has made its way into the world of crypto with its cryptocurrency token GARI. The company said that GARI, a fungible blockchain token, will serve both as a governance token and a future in-app currency. The token will be created in collaboration with the Solana blockchain.

Social tokens are digital assets supported by a brand, individual, or community. The company said that they allow developers to get more equitable pay and establish stronger bonds with audiences.

The video app further explained that they launched GARI as a social token for the community of Chingari developers that will offer then governance authority over the upcoming platform developments through the DAO and create a circular economy.

Chingari with GARI tokens intends to infuse crypto into the daily lives of content creators and audiences. The moderate utilization of coins or tokens will guarantee the flawless adoption of tokens over a long period of time. The easy mechanics of the Chingari app will also aid new customers to make their way into the crypto world with the familiar short-term tool.

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