Twizt – a new crypto scam that targets your money

If you are a crypto enthusiast or love to trade in crypto, then there’s a new botnet variant you need to be cautioned; about. Check Point Research, a cybersecurity company has reported a new botnet variant named Twizt. It is reported to have stolen crypto about half a million dollars via a technique called ‘crypto clipping’. This scam is mainly targeting traders from Ethiopia, India and Nigeria.

Another variant from the Phorpiex botnet family, Twizt steals crypto amidst dealings by automatically replacing the intended wallet address with the hacker’s wallet address.

The cybersecurity company cautioned crypto traders to aware of who they transfer funds to, as already 969 transactions have been seized. The latest Twizt botnet can operate without control servers and active command and can dodge security mechanisms.

According to Check Point Research 3.64 Bitcoins, $55,000 in ECR20 tokens and 55.87 Ether were taken in a year. 26 Ether got hijacked in a single instance.

Author: Diksha Khiatani

A writer by day and a reader at night. Emerging from an Engineering background, Diksha is a travel freak and anxious to explore different cultures and religions. Inclined towards the off-beat places, she wishes to uncover the secrets on her Scooty (if possible). She always grabs some time to take a quick nap, listen to music, skating and eat a brownie.

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