WhatsApp contender Signal enables users to make payments via crypto

WhatsApp rival Signal’s payment feature is now available globally. This implies that, akin to WhatsApp, users of Signal can now also use the encrypted messages app to receive and send payments. But, the platform facilitates transactions via MobileCoin crypto. According to the support page of Signal, MobileCoin is crypto developed to be utilized as digital cash on your phone.

The firm claims that the info about the transaction is private and details about the receiver, sender, message and the amount transferred are all unknown to Signal. The payment feature is available for only those users of Signal who use the app version 5.27.8 or later on Android smartphones or app version 5.26.3 or later on iOS. Users also need to set their Signal PIN to enable them to access the feature. To activate the payment feature, one can go to settings, then click payments, choose activate payments and click on accept and agree to terms.

Users can’t cancel a payment after sending it. They can however ask the other party to send a payment via text.

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