Polygon becomes second largest blockchain gaming platform

India founded Polygon blockchain, which is a preferred second level Ethereum scaling solution, recently crossed 138,081 unique active wallet addresses (UAWs) that are related to gaming. Data from DappRadar in a recent Blockchain Games Report shows a 53% rise in active wallets on Polygon compared to February. The other popular blockchains for gaming are Hive and BNB at number three and four respectively. The leader in gaming services for blockchain remains Wax, which has over 300,000 UAWs.

The rise in UAWs on Polygon is majorly due to the Hunters On-Chain game created by BoomLand. The game saw an unprecedented rise in its UAWs of over 17,000% in just a month. The game is a role-playing experience that also uses NFTs and is similar to Minecraft.

The blockchain gaming industry however has witnessed a 3.3% decline in March as seen from the count of daily UAWs. Games form a major part of dApps, taking up over 45% of their share in 2023.

Polygon itself is on the upward trajectory with the rise in popularity of NFTs and Metaverse. It has also attracted big clients such as Adidas, Starbucks, Adobe and Warner Music for creation of NFT collections. Polygon has introduced its own version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine in March. Dapps can use it for high performance and less gas fees by using its transaction batching feature.

The investments in blockchain gaming have seen around 12% increase in first quarter of 2023. Among the two most popular games are Alien Worlds and Splinterlands, which are available on Wax and Hive. Other popular blockchains for gaming are EOS, Dep, Klatyn, and Ronin.




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